Want to trade like new HDHR Quattro for Extend V2

As the title says, I want to trade my virtually new, hardly used HDHR Quattro for an HDHR Extend V2 (fanless).

I want to do this so I can use it remotely to send the local channels from here to my remote DVR Server. The Quattro only sends MPEG2 which causes stuttering, pixelating and dropouts due to its higher bandwidth being sent upstream through the interwebs to my remote DVR server. The Extend should work much better since it will transcode to MPEG4 first, greatly reducing the upstream bandwidth while basically maintaining original quality.

Please PM me if you have an HDHomerun Extend V2 Dual tuner that you’d like to swap with me for a practically brand new HDHomerun Quattro 4 tuner unit.

Thanks for looking! :blush:

Curious, how are you adding the tuner to the remote dvr?

I have an OpenVPN Server/Client setup between the two locations using two Asus Routers using Merlin with OpenVPN support for both ends.

I have 20 Mbps upload here where the remote tuner (HDHR Extend?) will be. I thought that would be enough bandwidth to support MPEG2 uploads from the Quattro, but I guess it’s not when you factor in all the variables between here in HI to the server and back, 6,000+ miles away in PA. The upload there is at least 25 Mbps I believe, on their 1Gb plan.

I don't think bandwidth is your issue, I have a 200mb upload and was never able to get a reliable stream over a vpn.

Also remember there's a bit of overhead to using a VPN too for all of the encryption added to the packets being sent. Decrypting the packets and reassembling them may not be happening at a sufficient rate to maintain a steady stream.

I’m thinking it is because when I tune to an SD station as opposed to an HD one, it streams great since it has a lower bandwidth than the HD channels. When I say it pauses, pixelates and buffers I mean it does that with the HD streams. The SD are fine, as I said.

Noted and thanks for the tip! Apparently that’s one of the reasons why my 20 Mbps upload speed isn’t enough for the 6-10 Mbps I typically see on my OTA HD channels here.

So.......do any of you have an HDHR Extend you want to trade for a Quattro? :grin:

I have an Extend I will be glad to trade with you.

I would also think packet TTL (from the HDHR) and connection latency would be an issue.
Would like to hear how it turns out.

OK shoot me a private message here and we can discuss it. :blush: :+1:

Is this the one you’re looking for?

Yes I believe so. Thanks! I already have a couple prospective offers ahead of yours but I’ll definitely follow up if they don’t go through.