"Watch Now" on Chromecast (w/ Google TV)?

If I pull up the guide in a web browser on my PC and select a program, the "Watch Now" dropdown has only 2 options: "Web Player" and "MyRoom Roku." While, nice, I do not watch that Roku, and every other TV in my home is hooked to a Chromecast w/ Google TV that has the Channels DVR App loaded. Further, Channels knows about those clients because it lists them on the Settings -- Clients page.

Is there any way to get the web client guide to allow me to pick one of the Chromecasts (or Channels clients) to send the program to?

No but the mobile Channels app will. Try it on your phone. Be sure the app is opened or backgrounded on your Google tv Chromecast.

Yeah, I have done it from my iPad. It really should work from the PC browser as well.

As an aside, your customer service is above and beyond excellent, but sheesh, this could have waited until Monday, working hours for a reply. I hope you guys are on an on-call schedule or something that ensures that you are still getting the downtime equivalent of weekends off for rest and personal life.

Regardless, thank you for responding so quickly.