Watched Movies/Episodes

So, if I move my DVR instance to a different machine and change the share paths to my imported movies/tvshows and recordings, do I loose my watch history?

If you add them as imported local content, then yes you will lose the watched/recorded status. If you instead migrate your installation and restore from a backup, then everything remains.

I can run a restore from the database, but the problem will be is that the imported paths change, so I have to update those.

Depending upon your OS and how you access your imported content, you may be able to give them the same path/location as the original server.

If you cannot mount your imported content into the same paths, then yes you will lose the status of that content.

Can you setup a symlink on the new system so the paths can stay the same?

The backend was built to allow renaming a local content path, but there's not currently an api or UI to do so.

Yes, I’m thinking I recreate the directories and mount the samba shares.

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