Migrating to Syno DSM 7 - Local Content watched status and paths

I'm decommissioning an unRaid setup and moving over to a Syno DS423+. Channels was running as a docker container with Local Content paths bind mounted in.

The DSM setup will have everything on the same box, thus all the paths will change (/volume1/yadayada). Will I lose the watched status and basically start from scratch for all the Local Content? I've looked at trying to set up some symlinks on the Syno via SSH but I'm not very experienced in how Syno packages jail their environments and where I'd need to set up all the symlinks from /volume1 to /mnt.

I've considered just going the docker route again but I'd like to use the hardware transcoding capability and I'd like to avoid passthrough.

I found a similar post but I don't know if the path renaming capability has bubbled up to be exposed yet.

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I can add an API endpoint that lets you edit a source path.

There's no jail on synology so you could create the /mnt/media symlink and that should work too. I think the permissions on the destination volume would kick in like normal.

Awesome! Your hint about using the underlying filesystem for /mnt is working fine but it would be nice to modify sources, I may have over-engineered my current setup and the ability to consolidate and/or move things around would be really helpful.

Is this still on the TODO list?

The symlink is working, along with some facl work for permissions, but the symlinks all have to be recreated on a reboot of the NAS.