Watching history eg. last five things

I was checking few recordings from Olympics and I found in the ad that fragment that explained canoing.
but then I accidentaly hit menu and went to the Library section or (pressed screen and went out of app)
and because names of the recording are very long because they include name of the sports covered it was hard to remember them and I have many of the recording from that day already played, so I'm simply lost. I know maybe this seems for you as funny scenario :slight_smile:

This already exists if you have enabled the Enhanced Library. It gives you both a "Recently Watched Shows" and a "Recently Watched Episodes" section when viewing TV Shows.

Oh thanks, I didn' noticed that feature. I turn it on and see what happens. I don't think tough Olympics recording will qualify as "episodes" :slight_smile:

If they have a proper SeriesID set when recorded, then it will show in the library as a show. If each recording has a unique episode number, then it will appear as a distinct episode.

If you are using a custom channel/M3U playlist with XMLTV, then the guide data must include a series-id to properly designate/group a show's airings together, and unique episode-num elements to indicate a unique/discrete episode/airing.

I think the latter is the problem. Not sure where the xmltv data for polish tv come from but I assume broadcaster doesn't care to proper mark the data, and doing it manually is hell of a job :frowning: