Watching recording in web UI stops playback with spinning circle

Currently using Channels DVR version 2020.03.07.0019.

I mainly use Channels DVR to record and then edit/archive the recordings with VideoReDo, but a few of the recordings I'll watch in the web UI (where I see the problem) and then delete them.

When watching the recordings in the web UI, it remuxes as expected and then says something like transcoder ready... in the web player.
At that point the recording stops playing with a spinning circle and skipping forward/back or selecting a point in the timeline does nothing.

My workaround is to first Regenerate Video Index for the recording before using the web UI to watch it, which works every time.

Appears there is an issue with the index created during the recording?

What do you mean by “edit/archive the recordings with VideoReDo”? Are you modifying the file? How soon after the recording has completed does it do that?

When the file is modified is the modification date on the file updated?

The video index should only be used if it has a newer modification date than the recording itself.

I was just stating my main use of Channels DVR is to record programs that I archive.

The issue with the web UI viewing is for those few programs I record that I don't want to archive and just watch them with the web UI, then delete them and then empty them from the trash.

I only do that for recordings I will keep outside of the Channels eco-system. I edit them with VideoReDo and save the edited file outside of Channels, then delete the recording from Channels DVR. I was talking about issues with recordings I don't want to keep and just watch them with the Channels DVR web UI, then delete them. Hope that makes sense.

So you’re saying for the recordings you’re having problems with you haven’t modified them?

Could you send the DVR logs to [email protected] after one of these instances?


I will try again this weekend and send you the DVR log. Let me know if there's any more info you need.

P.S. Just wanted to add the only reason I watch these recordings I don't want to keep in the CDVR web UI is that they have the comskip marks so I can select on the timeline to skip the commercials while watching it.

I’m not sure what you mean by this. Don’t all your recordings have comskip marks?

All of my recordings are set to detect commercials use comskip.

We have a disconnect in understanding.

I don't need any Channels clients, including the web UI, to watch my recordings.

The ONLY reason I use the Channels DVR web UI client to watch recordings (all are processed with comskip) I want to watch and delete, is that it displays the commercial breaks in the timeline (with hash marks) so I can select parts of the timeline I wish to watch.

We seem to be going in circles here, if it makes it any clearer, then forget about what I do and VideoReDo and concentrate on your Channels DVR and the web UI playback of its recordings.

I watched two recordings over the weekend in the webUI viewer and had no issues.

Since I rarely use the web viewer to watch recorded programs, it may be awhile before I encounter the issue again.

I understand the web viewer is not a supported client and will not get fixes the other clients do.

If it happens again, I'll open a new thread and post the CDVR log data.

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