Way to turn off premium streams when not in use


It would be nice to have an option with a timer that automatically turns off the premium streams if no activity is detected so you don’t use bandwidth watching streaming channels when the tv is off. Also to free up ota tuners when they are left on by accident. My tivo used to have a window pop up and ask if I was still using my mini to free up any tunners.


Just stop or back out of the playback window before powering off the TV. Presently there is no automatic way to stop the stream, although you could possibly do something using the HTTP API to Channels. (But if you're going that route, you probably already have other options available, like a Harmony remote programmed to launch Channels when the TV powers on, and to stop playback and return to the home screen of your streaming device when you power off the TV.)


On Android TV and FireTV we can detect when the TV is turned off and disconnect from the HDHR. On Apple TV there is no API to do this.


Even if there's no HDMI-CEC?


Hmm, probably only works with CEC


Thought so. Our two smaller TVs have no CEC and I had to turn it off on the FTV on the bigger TV, because it wasn't working well in conjunction with the HDMI->S/PDIF extractor.

A configurable time-out on no activity from the remote, with a pop-up requester, might be something you'd like to consider. You know: In your free time :wink:


'Configurable' is the key word here. If that pop-up appears during Ben-Hur (1959) my blood pressure is going to go up by 40 points...



I have tvs in every room of my house so having an option to turn this feature on would save me a lot of trouble with available tuners and waisted bandwidth from streaming channels. I don't remember every time to back all the way out of the app.


I may be in the minority, but how difficult is it to remember to press the Stop button before hitting the Power button?


People are human. Imperfect. Fallible. They forget.


If you have kids using streaming devices this often happens.


On my Apple TV I hold down the tv button and place my Apple TV in sleep mode. This turns off my Sony Tv. My vizio tv will time out within a few minutes.