Weak Signal Displayed

recently I've been getting " weak signal" when try to watch channels on live TV ... spinning and spinning, not showing a picture. I have other TV apps (Spectrum), I am able to tune in immediately with that app. With Channels, recordings are blurry/incomplete, not watchable. I believe this is mainly on HD mode channels. Does anyone else have these problems? thank you

Weak Signal is referring to the signal of your OTA antenna. It’s not getting a strong signal, you should adjust it.

Comparing it to your Spectrum streaming app is not really accurate as that is just video being streamed over the internet.

Ok, I see you have primes, so you’re using cable cards. It sounds like they’re have if trouble. They do this sometimes.

Power cycle then and see if you still have the same issues.

Does Weak Signal mean HDHR Signal Strength is low?
I've never seen that error message with my HDHR Prime source.

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It means that the seq was less than 100 which means there were uncorrectable digital errors.

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I do not have an OTA antenna.

I have 3 HDHomeRun tuners. All have been working well in the past. Very recently I got a 'weak signal' message and Channels would not receive most of the provider's (Spectrum) channels. There was a new HomeRun release (20230713) which I ran. I also reset the tuning adapter/cable card units.

F4B: Signal Strength 59%, Signal Quality 65% 60% & 67%)
CAE: Signal Strength 40%, Signal Quality 40% (55% & 53%)
E33: Signal Strength 58%, Signal Quality 34% (57% & 42%)
Per internet search: signal strength min 90% recommended.
I'm at a loss ... to my knowledge, nothing has changed, not sure how to proceed.

One other thing, the HomeRun program shows "Card OOB Lock is Weak"

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Sounds like you need to call Spectrum, the power of the signal getting to your house is super low. Or maybe there’s an issue with some splitters.

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The splitters have been in the same place for last 10 years or so and all (including Channels) has worked well. I think I need to have Spectrum look at it. Thank you for your reply / insight.

Problem Solved: When I initially got my cable cards, probably 10+ years ago, they put an Evolution (EV01-9-U/u) splitter booster in the basement. All cables ran through it. I have noticed very recently there was a hum, sometimes clicking coming from it. I found an Antronix amplifier on Amazon that looked to serve the same purpose, about $67. I ordered it and installed it this afternoon. All signals are now 100%. Thank everyone for their input ... didn't expect this outcome (maybe just got lucky)