Web player (local streaming) stats


Just wondering if these numbers appear normal.
I know it's all dependent on the bitrate of the show and specs of the DVR hardware, etc.
But just in general, does everyone else see this kind of spread in CPU usage and remux/transcode speed?

Safari (local wifi) or Firefox (wired gigabit) webui streaming with settings 1080p @ 10mbps/30 second buffer
max CPU usage for chDVR+ffmpeg during playback @ remux/transcode speed
3% CPU @ 1x remux h.264 live tv
10% CPU @ 1x hw transcode/deinterlace mpeg2 live tv
15% CPU @ 2x hw transcode/deinterlace mpeg2 recording
25% CPU @ 23x remux h.264 recording
80% CPU @ 1x sw transcode/deinterlace mpeg2 live tv
95% CPU @ 1x sw transcode/deinterlace mpeg2 recording


Looks pretty reasonable.

Remux will take almost no cpu.

Hardware transcoding cpu usage will depend on the encoder hardware.

Software transcoding will generally use up one cpu core (i.e 100% cpu).


I'm pretty sure the CPU usage reported by my Synology NAS Resourse Monitor is total CPU (all 4 cores included) usage as during the 95% CPU sw transcode the load average peaked above 5 for a quad core CPU.

4 cores / Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU J3455 @ 1.50GHz
load averages: 5.52 3.52 1.55

Unfortunately, it doesn't include a per core usage.

Just tried sw transcoding, streaming both live and recorded mpeg2 at the same time.
load averages: 8.87 3.90 2.04

Both streams freeze and stutter, so pretty sure it's eating up all available CPU.

Fortunately I can use hw transcoding and Channels clients instead of a web browser to view.