Web: Start playback at beginning when playing ongoing recording

Current default behavior for the web UI seems to join the recording live whenever a program that is currently being recorded is played. And because there is no seek bar, I have to click the "rewind 10 seconds" button many times to get to the beginning.

Can this behavior be changed so that the playback starts at the beginning, like recordings that are finished?

How do you start viewing the recording while it's recording in the web UI?
If I Watch Now from either Recordings->Shows->All
or from Recordings->Recordings->In-Progress it's starts playing from the point I started recording the show.
I do have a seek bar when watching either of those ways.

Maybe your viewing Live by selecting it from On Now or Guide?

Seek bar visibility in the web UI depends on the browser's implementation. Chrome will show seek bar but Safari will not IIRC.

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Ahh, didn't try Safari. It displays in Firefox.

The latest beta now will start in-progress recording from the start in the browser player.