Website needs updating

FreeNAS is now known as TrueNas. Does channels run fine on TrueNAS or should I just install regular linux?

Also you might want to update the website Channels — Channels DVR Server to reflect the change if so

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Thanks, site is updated.

@Maddox There are two version of TrueNAS: TrueNAS CORE and TrueNAS SCALE. TrueNAS CORE is based on BSD and is essentially just a new name for FreeNAS. TrueNAS SCALE is based on Linux.

Instead if saying "TrueNAS" the website should probably say "TrueNAS CORE". The instructions will not work on TrueNAS SCALE (iocages are specific to BSD).

You may want to add a section called "TrueNAS SCALE" and link to

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Thanks for the correction! It's been adjusted on the site.