Weird Bluetooth issue when playing and getting a notification

Hey y'all. I was testing the other day on my iPhone 13 Pro Max (??? still :crazy_face:-ing on that name!) and noticed something...repeatable all the time...
Living in FL, we have several iPhone apps notifying us of lightning strikes in the area. They all play a lightning sound. I also tested with other sounds in other's all the same. This is what happens:
I'm watching live TV in the Channels DVR app (haven't tested plain Channels app) using AirPods pro, the notification plays its sound over the tv sound, when the notification sound goes away, the TV mutes - and stays muted. Scrubbing back and forth does nothing. Adjusting volume does nothing. I have to exit stream and re-enter stream.
I tried the same thing NOT using the AirPods (ie: speaker-only). TV audio picks back up again right where the notification stops.
This - obviously in a device whose only audio-out is bluetooth - is a problem.
Anyone else experiencing this?

I’m having a similar AirPod (generation 2) issue where my sound gets distorted or stops playing. Have to pause the stream, wait a few seconds, then unpause to resume the audio.

@janngobble Please submit diagnostics from the app after it happens the next time. Under Settings > Support