WGN now on FUBO

Fubo just added WGN. They do have a live stream so I assume they have TVE. What do I do to get Channels to put it in the guide?

Was this recently added? I can't find a link on their website where the live stream can be accessed.

You can't assume that just because a channel has a live stream that it is available via TVE. And if it is available via TVE, you can't assume your provider login will give you access to the stream. TVE agreements are negotiated separately from channel inclusion, so providers often have different sets of TVE channels available then other providers.

The general test is that if you go to the site in question and try and view the stream. When prompted for a login, see if you're provider is in the list. BTW, I went to the WGN site, and I can't find a live stream. I did find a page listing the times they live stream the news, but no full time live stream.