What devices have you tried that don't work?

Channels for iOS only runs on 64-bit CPUs, but there’s still devices with those CPUs that probably aren’t fast enough to decode the video.

Please let us know what devices you’ve tried it on that haven’t worked. Thanks!

My iPad Mini 2 plays fine for 15-30 minutes, then goes out of sync and/or freezes.

The iPad Mini 2 is also a little jerky on some playback, but generally “okay.”


Do you see same behaviour, sync/freeze after approximately 30min?

I have AC wi-fi. Are you receiving mpeg2 or h.264? I have similar experiences on other “Live” players, on mpeg2.

Yup, same thing. If I don’t change the channel it’ll freeze after 20 minutes or so. All I get are MPEG2, and I’m also on AC (3 AC routers spread around my house). I also 99% of the time am watching HD.

Time to get an iPad Pro? :grin:

It’s important to remember that iPad mini 2 is only 802.11 a/b/g/n. It doesn’t support AC. So any speeds you would be using are not what AC provides.

I’ve only been using channels on my 12.9" and 9.7" iPad Pros for about an hour, but I have also noticed slight jumpiness in the video. It isn’t full on stuttering, but it’s noticible. Running iOS 10 beta 2.

Noticed same in iPad Air 2, however judder is slight enough that we’re not bothered by it.

We watched 1x for 3 hours straight and it was fine.

Could you do a SpeedTest in the area you saw stuttering? Do you think it might be network speeds? Thanks!

I have Verizon FiOS, ~85 up/80 down. Channels runs just fine on my Apple TV, so I think it is the mobile app.

I meant in the location you were using Channels on the iPad Air 2. Wifi speeds can change dramatically inside your house based on where you are. Where the Apple TV is might have a better signal than where you were using your iPad Air 2.

I’m just curious if your issues were bandwidth issues or issues with the app.

You can test your speeds with the SpeedTest app on the App Store and can check your WiFI speeds anywhere in the house. The SpeedTest app actually checks internet speeds, but the fact that you’re on wifi, you can also test your wifi speeds. Since it’s actually checking internet speeds, if your Internet speeds are slower than your WiFi, your speed test will max out at the rate of your Internet speeds.

Really I’m just curious if you’re in the 10-14mbit range, which could cause some hiccups.

I was testing the mobile app in the same room where my Apple TV is.

Using Wi-Fi SweetSpots (free iOS app…measures wi-fi only, no internet).

Same Location, two separate tests:

IPad Air2 average - 230Mbps
IPad Mini 2 average - 117Mbps

I’m getting ~110Mbps (average) on my iPad Mini 2, so speed shouldn’t be an issue (which is why I have 4 access points around the house). Granted it’s not the 335Mbps average on my iPhone 6S Plus, but still…

I think it’s just the iPad Mini 2 can’t keep up properly right now (or maybe ever).

Thanks! Yeah, We didn’t expect an A5 to really work at all. It’s interesting that it works even a little bit. Thanks for the feedback.

IPad Mini is A5…and definitely wouldn’t work

IPad Mini 2 is A7 (however, only dual core). Works fine for awhile, so we just restart the show.

Perfectly fine for short news broadcasts.

Ah, duh. Thanks for correcting.