What does the error message mean?

Hi Guys,
Been an avid user of Channels for years and have never seen this error message before, it appears on all my channels after tuning for about a minute or two. The message says:
No Space Left on Device
What do I need to do to the repair the situation?

That means that you have no space left on the device you are using to play. Channels DVR by default stores the buffer on the local device. You can change it to keep the buffer at the Server.

Visit Settings > Support > Clear Disk Cache


I have this set at my Server ... because I do not want the Buffer on my Portable devices .... Phones /Tablets Etc .. On my Main TV I have the buffer to be local/direct.

Main TV ..

@ronpod: Please go to Settings -> Support -> Submit Diagnostic Logs from your device and let us know when it's been submitted so we can have a better idea of what was going on.

Hi @eric I submitted the log.

@ronpod: Can you submit from the Apple TV app?

@Eric I resubmitted the logs this time from my AppleTV. Please advise?

Strange… I still don’t see them from the Apple TV. I only see them from the DVR.

@eric i tried to re-submit again now twice in a row. Do you see it now?

Nope. Still not working. Could you hit that Clear Cache option and then try it one more time? We could be out of disk space still.

Now I started getting a different message. When I refresh by playing the signal does return but for only a few short minutes (which ruins all my recording schedule as they are all interrupted and not concluded)..

Did you ever get my Apple TV diagnostics file?

Yes, I got one from 4 days ago, but unfortunately the logs did not have anything from when you had the error from the first message.

I do not see any diagnostics from you today from the latest issue you reported.