What does unchecking "DVR" do?


I cannot find it documented - I expected that unchecking the "DVR" checkbox would have disabled the DVR portion and left only "Live TV" (Guide, etc.) functionality. Instead, when I uncheck that box only "Settings" remains in the WebUI, and my Android client has trouble connecting to the server.

So what is that box for? (And side question - can one disable the "recording" stuff, and just use Channels as a way to watch live TV?)

The DVR checkbox is for debugging when the dvr engine needs to be turned off and back on. When its off all functionality is disabled.

To turn off all recording you could delete or pause your passes.

Ah, thanks!

I've disabled all my passes, but that doesn't prevent recording from the Guide or On Next. (I can make it error when trying to record via directory permissions, of course, but was looking for a cleaner solution.)