What Function key corresponds to "info" video info codecs etc

Surely this is possible to map out. Wierd that it works on the harmony profile for shield, but not appletv. Either way could anyone share a list of keyboard shortcuts other that F1-F4 as in the remote shortcuts menu.

Thank you

The Android TV app is terrible compared to appletv. Needs a major overhaul

Apple tv does not use Function keys, far as I am aware, though, I have never used a keyboard or more than stock remote on it, since Apple TV is much more restricted platform. It uses swipe gestures via the remote. You toggle the Stats option via the quick Guide menu bar on the top. Press down, then up to select Options, and the enable the Show Stats option.

Channels DVR is Apple platform focused, always has been. Android is secondary and gets new features last. Will always be 2nd in development. If you want the best Channels experience, you will need to use Apple.
(I use both Apple TV and 2x Nvidia Shields, and find the Android Tv version of Channels to be pretty much the same useability speaking, they both play tv fine. Apple Tv is just much faster and smoother overall, cause it is not bloated with all the crap that Google puts into their OS.)

I forgot to include , i was mapping to a harmony remote ( Elite , 950, pro, pro2400).

I agree that ATV is much smoother as is the PIP implementation. Android does wierd stuff with the PIP window but remote mapping is better....at least for nvidia shield. I am fortunate to have both for comparision as well.

You can choose a PC/Mac keyboard as a device for the Harmony. (It's been a while, but maybe they call it a "computer" in the Harmony software.

Also (Channels has some great documentation for you to check out):

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Oh. I still have a few of those remotes, but Logitech killed them off few years ago and the programing software no longer works to load devices to program, at least for me.
Sofabatoon is MUCH better.
Anyway, good luck.

From a windows user, that is pure nonsense, It works fine, the desktop app, the android app, apple app, etc. added a device the other day and replaced a hub that went bad as well on a harmony elite profile, the diagnostics software still works too so you can reset, flash firmware without the aaccount etc. True, hardware is no longer for sale, but there is nothing close to it without spending hundreds of dollars for a hub based remote with touchscreen. Alexa works still too. I turn my home theater off every night via Alexa as I am heading down the hallway and upstairs to bed.

No it does not, at least for many. Plenty of people complain the list of devices to add just never loads. (even tried in a win 7 VM) Just search google, over 200 posts come up from Logi forums and reddit alone. and some tricks to get it to load. Does it for me last i tried to program a remote. My Harmony desktop software. It always been kinda junky imo. No matter, don't change the fact that Harmony is EOL and no longer supported and when things break, wont be fixed. I was using the older gen remotes though, so maybe there is a different Harmony software for the newer gen high end remotes. Logi loves to have multiple software for different generations of products.

been using them for 20 years or longer. no issues with either my harmony or legacy 7.0 sw. I just picked up two harmony elites for under $120 for both last month. As long as the cloud is up i have no issues with them. They still add devices and fix bugs at least for the hub based remotes. alexa skills still work fine. Wasnt meant to be a pissing match. Use what works for you. Is harmony hardware eol . yes. The software is still alive and well. I actually prefer the desktop programmkng to the smart phone apps. Again . Windows and Android is my experience. I never went to reddit for anything harmony related but i am sure there is some info there if you look for it. The harmony one was my favorite remote behind the elite/950. No sofabaton for me but we have to take care of ourselfs and what works. For me, i actually need 16 devices and many activities as well as macros and smart control integration with home assistant etc. It all just works with ir and bt control from hub or remote and hue control. The flexibility of a touchscreen remote and companion remote for dual armchair control is great too. and when batteries are dead home assistant android over windows or smartphone control. When my wife messes something up I can fix from the app outside or inside the home. All that matters is that you are happy with what you have.

To toggle stats on the Apple TV, program the remote to send the i key via the Windows Keyboard. The documentation has been updated to reflect the key.

thank you

r=record on windows keyboard as well.

I have now with success, mapped dvr , guide, info buttons on the harmony and page up buttons.

for long presses, basically used the p button which returns to full screen. from all screens as set in settings on channels. I think i have a full functional harmony remote designed for channels dvr experience now. Might still be a work in progress but its great now.

pip toggle ( long press) = "p"
closed captioning="c"
mute="m" mutes audio on appletv seperate from AVR / Soundbar volume

I wouldn't mind seeing more keyboard shortcuts to overcome the four function keys such as "On Later" . I am out of function keys, and windows keys are few.

Harmony Elite Mapping

page up / down (long press)
channel up and down works well as is.
dvr="f2" Recordings on channels
guide="f3" Guide on channels
red="f2" Recordings on channels
green="f3" Guide on channels
yellow="f4 On Now
yellow (long press) Would love to map this to on later, but out of function key options
blue="f1"scheduled recordings
blue (long press)="c" closed captioning

a work in progress i guess, i am happy so far though.

With a recent fix in TestFlight you can map the Back button above Info on the remote to Delete for Previous Channel.

I'd love to see these keyboard shortcuts work in the iPad app, especially when using it on a Mac. 'p' works but 'c' 'i' 'm' and 'r' don't.

Is that what it's supposed to do? No keys work for me, the p key just makes the app crash every time. :thinking:

Now running Ventura 13.2.1 on an M1 MacBook Pro and the latest TestFlight.

Ah you're right. 'p' works on the iPad but crashes on the Mac. Still would be nice to have the other keyboard shortcuts working on iPad/Mac.

They all work fine with Apple TV 4K Gen 1, I would assume newer as well but don't have one to test with.

p,c,m,i,r as well issued from Computer/Windows as discussed in the guides. ( Logitech Harmony)