What goes in up next?

Hi - I am just looking for some clarification on how channels determines what shows in the up next section. The reason I ask is that I have a morning news show which gets recorded every morning and keeps the most recent 3 episodes.

two days ago i started to watch an episode and then gave up on it. that episode showed up in up next. however there were new episodes recorded yesterday and today, but those don't show up in up next.

Ideally, I would like the most recent episode to always show up in up next regardless of if I have watched previous episodes or not.

This i important for me because, we use an apple tv and we have up next showing in the top shelf. My wife likes to just go into the top shelf and tap on the icon for the news show, and expects that it will always be the most recent episode.

Is there any way to modify the logic for what gets shown in up next?

There is a setting under the recorded show to enable this behavior, called Newest First

thanks for the reply. I noticed that setting too and it was already set to "Newest First". It seems like if I start watching a show, that episode stays as the most recent one in up next.

Okay perhaps a bug then. Can you submit diagnostics when it is in that state even though there is a newer episode.

Sure how do I do that?

On the dvr web UI under Support > Troubleshooting

great thanks.

Logs have been submitted as 2ee1605d-3564-4335-b67f-c194a8d3a954

The show in question is "Morning Joe" and the May 5th episode is whats appearing in up next, but its a daily show so there is a may 6th and may 7th episode that have been recorded, so I would expect the may 7th episode to be what appears in up next.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this!

It does not appear the newest first setting is enabled for that show

On the Apple TV it's under More > Show Options > Watch Order: Newest First

Ah I see. I was looking at a different setting. I didn’t realize you could adjust this on a show by show basis. That’s cool!

Next question - is there a way to adjust this setting for all shows globally?

There is not. It was designed to be enabled for news style shows and has to be done manually.

Ok maybe something to consider for the future perhaps?

In any case, this is awesome. Thank you so much for your help!!

With the next DVR build, I've made this the default setting for newly recorded shows with the category "News"

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