What is the difference betweeb lmb dis antenna and atsc antenna?

i dont know the difference between lmb dis antenna and atsc antenna. can i use lmb antenna to homerunhd device?

I dont know what IMB antenna is. Do you mean OMB antenna? If so that's for radio. ATSC is for OTA broadcasting (television)

Do you mean LNB? As in a satellite dish?

If so, totally different technology for a similar idea. LNB will pick up a super-high frequency satellite signal and decode / decrypt / amplify it to another box that can decode it to display on a TV.

ATSC is a fairly low frequency signal (aka VHF / UHF) that can be captured by a basic over-the-air (OTA) antenna and decoded onto a TV. Check this to understand how different bands that are used:

This is all very technical, but basically, ATSC is over-the-air, easy to capture, requires very little to display, and can be used in a variety of systems. LNB is from space, is difficult to capture, requires a lot of middleman tech to convert to a usable display, and can only be used within its own system.

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But if i have captured by lmb antenna -> its system> cable>to homrunhd......will it works?

Or how do i online my channel any other way?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: There are two types of HDHomerun, one for antenna and one for cable. The antenna one can only detect ATSC signals. The cable run requires a specialty cablecard from a cable provider; it does not work with satellite. Either one requires a direct connection.

If any of your stations have a website that they stream at and you can watch by logging in with your provider, than you may be able to get SOME (not all) of the stations through the TVE option. Some stations are available as an IPTV feed, so that may be another possibility.

This is only partially true. It depends upon your region which types of broadcasts HDHomeRun tuners receive.

In North America, there are ATSC tuners for terrestrial over-the-air broadcasts using an antenna, as well as a CableCARD tuner for encrypted digital cable. All North American tuners can also receive unencrypted (ClearQAM) cable as well.

In Europe and Australia, there are DVB tuners which can receive DVB-T/T2 for over-the-air broadcasts using an antenna (ie, FreeView) and DVB-C cable broadcasts. (The tuners do not support DVB-S (satellite), nor CI/CI+ for decryption.)

If you have a DVB-S or other satellite receiver that supports SAT>IP, there is a strong possibility that Channels can access it. Additionally, if your tuner device is a VBox gateway or other network tuner device that exports its channels as an M3U playlist, there is a strong chance it can also be integrated into Channels.

Perhaps if you specified exactly which device you are using to receive your broadcast signals, including its model number, as well as your location, then maybe additional help could be offered.

Unfortunately, your posts have been rather scant on details, and without them there is no way to give you useful help or information.

ok i will give you proper configuration. i am not so good at english. thats why it is very difficult for me to describe.
another thing my cable signal is not encrypted for me.
it is like Lmb>control room>non encrypted signal in rf cable>......

I understand, which is why I clarified many misstatements from previous posts. It is also why I asked for specifics such as devices and model numbers, which are not affected by a language barrier. (However, you still have yet to provide this information.)

This means nothing. What is Lmb? What is control room? Until you can provide actual details, you will not be likely to receive any help.

type mistake it is LNB antenna for dish tv.

Do you mean Dish as in the satellite TV provider?

  • If so, that is incompatible with Channels and will not work.
  • If not and you mean a generic satellite receiver (such as DVB-S) then there might something to be done.

Can you clarify which you mean?

it is not dish tv provider. it is generic sattellite receiver .

Then it needs to either support SAT>IP, or you need to use something else to connect it with Channels (such as Tvheadend); but Channels does not natively work with satellite receivers.

what device should i use to connect with tv headend?
will it be like lnb antenna>control room>non encrypted rf cable signal>which device?>tvheadend?

do you have any idea about digital headend?

Tvheadend is a different piece of DVR software. However, integrating it with Channels is not really something many users here do.

You first need to establish getting your satellite feeds into your computer (without Channels), and once you have that working, then you can come back and ask for help.

(I believe you don't really have a full grasp on how to getting digital satellite feeds into the network works ... unfortunately that is a bit beyond the scope of this forum. If someone else wants to walk you through it, then that is their choice. However, until you reach that point I can't really help you.)

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