What is The Max HDD drive I can connect to an Android TV?


Hi Friends,

I have one OLD Hdd and going to buy a new one. Can someone tell me how much capacity Can a Android TV detect? Also will defragging the old drive help in anyway?


Here it says https://silicophilic.com/defragmentation-improve-performance/ it will be useful for PC. Does it make any difference for TV?


Probably not


I have a 4TB attached to my Shield.


Since Android uses the Linux kernel internally, I imagine the limits would be the same. Basically, if it'll work with your desktop, it'll work with Android,

(Just remember to use a filesystem other than FAT32. The maximum file size on FAT32 partitions is 4GB, which equates to roughly 30-45 minutes of HD OTA video. Modern filesystems have file size maximums ranging from terabytes (TB) to exbibytes (EiB).)


I have had two 8TB drives connected at one time without any issues. I currently only have a 4TB connected to use with the Channels DVR.