What ISPs are cord-cutters using?

A while ago I dropped my double-play package and went to an Internet-only package from Comcast (the only broadband ISP available at my house is Comcast/Xfinity). But I found that the combined price of Comcast Internet and any of the available cable TV streaming packages (YouTube TV, Sling, etc) was more than the cost of the Comcast double-play package. So after a few months I wound up re-subscribing to Comcast double-play. (and even purchased an HDHR Prime to bring the cable TV channels into the ChannelsDVR ecosystem).

What ISPs are people using such that a streaming cable TV subscription makes more financial sense than a CATV double-play package?

Spectrum here, since they don't have any caps. 200/10 service at $70/mo with no caps makes streaming financially viable. (And that's their base package.)

Spectrum choice w 5 premiums and internet for $100
just added Sling Blue form $25

Spectrum Silver would be $140, but I like the flexibility of Removing Sling when programs I watch are over for the season

I use comcast xfinity. I don't think its a bad deal. 1gbps down with 40mbps upstream. I had it for a couple years for $70, but now I think its up to around $90. It is reliable though and I have had no issues with it.

I do have Philio for $20, which I got to try out TVE. I use it sometimes, but I don't really need it. If I was trying to save money, Philo would be the first thing I would cancel. The vast majority of stations I watch/record are OTA which are superior quality... as well as those stations having the best sports, news, and prime-time programs.
I don't want an HDHR Prime + cablecard + subscribe to cable packages I don't need.

Gigabit Centurylink here. 65 a month no cap. No worries.

Interesting. Sounds like Comcast's Internet-only package is on the high side where I live. It was costing me $90/mo for 150Mbps down. A few months after dropping CATV programming they offered me a teaser rate to get me to re-subscribe to CATV. So now I'm paying $110/mo for Internet+CATV. But... I acquired an HDHR Prime. Now that I have that up-and-running with ChannelsDVR, I can turn in my X1 cable box. That will save me ~$15/mo in rental fees which will bring my bill down to ~$95/mo. So only a $5/mo difference compared to Internet-only. Of source, after a year the teaser rate goes up a bit, and then after 2yrs the teaser rate goes up a lot. At that time, I'll reevaluate my options.

Spectrum cable - $65/month for 100/10. We have a new fiber company moving into the area so I may be switching in the near future.

Google fiber 1000 up and down with no cap for $70/month. They don't even provide a way for you to check how much data you've used. I wish they wouldn't have stop building their network. It really is great. I just received a $0.57 refund due to a short outage. I didn't even realize there was an outage.

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Fios gigabit, $0 a month (works pays, normally $73).

No caps!

I'm a cord shaver.

I'm in a rural area. My choices are a small town cable company or a rural telephone company that hasn't spent a dime on their network in 50 years.

I dropped the cable subscription but stayed with cable Internet due to lack of other local providers. All-in-all, I'm paying $78.00 less with cable Internet, Philo, and Sling Blue than I was with the cable + Internet through the same provider. The "advertised" price wasn't too bad. It isn't the "advertised price" that gets you, its the fees. Local TV fee, sports fee, regulatory fee, local franchise fee, utility co-location fee, cable card fee, right to have a cable connection fee, we're just making up another fee to charge you more fee. I was done! Not looking back.

Hoping for a logical deployment of 5G "promises" to provide additional choice. I'm hoping. At the same time, I'm a realist. Its probably not happening for another 5 to 6 years in my area if at all.

EPB Fiber. I have the "slow" package at 300 mbps at $57/mo.