What resources does watching live TV on Channels use?

When I use a Channels app, like on a tablet, phone, computer, or Apple TV, and I watch live TV, what resources does Channels use to send me that signal? I know it has to use the HDHomeRun tuner, of course. Is it continually writing to my hard drive while I'm watching live TV? And, if so, how long a buffer does it store on the drive?

I'm wondering about what is being used if I use Channels, on Apple TV, and leave it on, in the background, all day. I would think, if it's using a hard drive, that would wear out the drive faster (or fill it with too large a buffer of what I've been watching). I'm also wondering if this would use up or wear out any other resources I might have.

The app stores a 90min buffer on the Apple TV storage

Could that lead to issues with my Apple TV after a while?

Unlikely. Modern flash storage uses wear leveling and can survive decades of constant writes

So, I take it, the Channels app doesn't go through the Channels server, but gets the data directly from the HDHR?

There is a Tuner Sharing setting that makes it go through the server, but the buffer is still stored on the Apple TV.

That will do it. Thank you!