What’s happened to the App? It’s now slow and buggy

I’ve owned this app for years on my ATV HD. It used to be fast to load into, quick with channel changes and fantastic to use.

I’ve noticed in the last at least year or so things have taken a turn for the worst and I don’t know if that’s related to the code bloat due to the addition of DVR (which I don’t use).

It’s become very slow to load from the Home Screen always showing “preparing your Television” whereas it used to load like lightning. Channel changes also feel more sluggish. In general it feels like it’s become bloated and slower than ever.

In addition when getting out of the app and back into Home Screen I now always continue to hear the audio of the channel I was playing continuing to play for another 5-10sec.

I’m running the latest stable version of the app on the latest versions of tvOS. I love the app but I worry about the increasingly slow and buggy performance.

What is the version number in the app and on tvOS?

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Using Channels version 4.5.3 on tvOS 14.5