What’s the Question Mark in the Upper Right Hand of Movie Favorites?

Is something missing in Channels 4.2.0 for iOS 14.0.1? I remember a yellow flag for favorites. Now I see a Question Mark and a yellow background triangle in the upper right hand corner of the movie poster.

A screenshot would be useful.

That only appears on favorites on my iPad.

Figured it out.
It's questioning my choice of Movies to Favorite.
As in, are you really sure you want to Favorite that Movie?
When I remove it from Favorites, it goes away.

Just Kidding. I would also like to know what the ? means.

lol. We secretly shipped the new judgment feature. We scan your library and shame you.

It looks like the font we use for these badges isn’t loading right. I’ll look into it thanks!

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Then please add a Recommendations Button... :laughing:

Thanks! Best laugh of today. Keep up your great work.

This has been resolved with the latest version in TeatFlight.