What should I upgrade?

I am trying to learn more about the specs of computers. I know some basics, but some (for me at least) get confusing. But in the mean time, I would like to have the optimum setup for Channels DVR (also Plex Server). I would like some advice on what could benefit from an upgrade (if upgradeable), or should I just get a new desktop.

Here is what I have currently:
Dell Inspiron 3847
Windows 10 Pro (64 bit) on a Samsung SSD
Media Storage on WD 4 TB (Black Drive)
Ram: 16GB (maximum)
i5-4460 @ 3.20Ghz
NVIDIA NVS 310 (I think this is most likely a weak spot)
Connected via ethernet (as well as Apple TV)

Channels DVR is running with
Transcoder: Software
Deinterlacer: Blend
Adaptive Streaming: On
Server Quality: 1080p @10mbps

Well software transcoding is not optimal for sure.
You would want that set to hardware.
But i think your cpu or gpu has to support it.

Is the 4TB drive connected externally or internally? If external, make sure it, and the USB port on the computer, are USB3.0 or better.

Also, since you're using Ethernet, make sure your computer and everything between it and your AppleTV (eg. Ethernet routers, hubs, switches, etc) are Gigabit speed (aka 1000BaseT).

I think my GPU is too week for it. I bought that one initially a couple years ago for the display port.

The 4tb is internal and ethernet is good to go gigabit speeds

If the server does not give u the HArdware option, that means your hardware does not support it.

It does, however, when I've enabled it, when used remotely, picture freezes constantly. So, that led me to believe that card is not good enough.

What is your upload speed from where the server is located? It’s possible that is the bottleneck when streaming remotely. Of course if software works fine remotely but hardware doesn’t that would rule that out.

Internet speed, upload? 20mbps

Try watching a recording or live broadcast from a web browser inside your house on the same LAN as the DVR server. It will tell you at the bottom that it's transcoding at eg. "1.10x" or somesuch. If that number is less than 1, then your transcoder can't keep up. If it's greater than 1, then the problem is the network, not the transcoder.

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Actually when watching live, it can't go faster than 1.0x (which is real time). If it's like 0.5x, then true.