What we have here is failure to communicate


Setup: HD HomeRun Extend for OTA broadcasts to two ATV's. Synology NAS.

On both ATV's the Channels DVR app opens to the problem screen, "There was a problem communicating with Channels DVR". Selecting "Try Again" doesn't work. The Channels Live TV app, however, works fine, including seeing my existing recordings. I might assume this is a subtle way of indicating that the DVR app is retired, except that the HD HomeRun app on my iPhone is also having trouble.

Going to, I see "0 channels on". Scanning channels picks up the usual 20 OTA channels, but refreshing the screen continues to show 0 channels.

What might cause the DVR app to stop responding but the Live TV app to work fine?



Can you click the support/help button on the top right and Submit Diagnostics


I sent the diagnostic files, but an hour ago rebooted the router and that seemed to have solved the problem. I noticed before rebooting that amidst all the devices in the network were 20 labeled "dvr-[nas name]". All had the IP address of the Synology NAS but slightly different MAC addresses. Reboot did away with all of those, and now shows all the OTA stations correctly.

One thing I note post-reboot is the following kind of error in the log for each recording:
2019/05/02 19:30:50 [DVR] Processing file-146 to re-align commercial markers
2019/05/02 19:30:50 [ERR] Failed to load commercial log for file-146: TV/Call the Midwife/Call the Midwife S08E04 2019-02-03 2019-04-21-2359.mpg

I'm not concerned about the commercial markers myself, but am wondering if this is something to be concerned about or not.