What's the best TVE + Locast setup for DVR?

HD Homerun aside, what's the best combination of TVE services and/or locast to use with Channels DVR? Are there some TVE channels you can ONLY get with one service but not another?

You can look here and see what you like ...

No live streaming service has access to TBS, TNT, CNN, Cartoon, TCM or any Warner. Sling has very poor support.

Yes, each service has their own selection of networks. I found the most complete to be Fubo after you upgrade with the extra $8/month package. The total is $73/month.

A close second id T-Vision from T-Mobile for $50/month, but I believe that it is currently only available to existing T-Mobile cell customers.

Tmobiles Tvision Live at $40/mo has the channels you seek. Not all of them, but CNN and TNT are included in the $40/mo package and they have a $50/mo ans well as a $60/mo package too. Those may expand some of the Warner Channels? T-Mobile also has a 10 dollar package but you have to be a customer of either Tmobile or Sprint to be allowed into that one. The TVision Live packages anyone can sign up for and they have extra add-ons including premium channels. Remember though Channels DVR (beta) support for IPTV. Might want to look into that as well. One thing for sure...CjannelsDVR is rad. Nowwe just have to figure out how to get our ISP's in line as I myself enjoy the abuse of an area monopolized by one company. In fairness there are two other choices, but they are not realisticccchoices as they drop in speed and bandwith so signifigantly that streaming video would not work well enough for my family. Recently my ISP has placed new data caps upon me and this month I reached a supposed 1.25TB in about 10 days. (Not possible) without a valid way to audit their records I am stuck "rtaking theioor word for it"

Where did you see non T mobile/ Sprint customers can sign up for T vision live?