When you use negative padding the show recording time is incorrect

I set a 2 minute negative padding to start the world cup late to try to get it in 4K, but when you look at the show recording options it says it's starting 2 minutes early not 2 minutes late.

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Works for me on v2023.07.28.1829

Negative padding currently can only be set from a pass. Wish they would add it everywhere you can adjust padding.

In the Apple TV client, not the web page. That's why I posted it in this forum.

Ah, you got me there. Didn't know you could do that from the Apple client.

Where do you set it at, passes, schedule?

I just tried changing a scheduled recording from my iPhone and it only offers start early and end later. Couldn't find negative padding in there. Same options when I modify a pass on the iPhone.

No, you change the settings on the admin web page (show or pass) but it doesn't show up correctly in the client after you do that. Client always shows early even if you set negative padding to start a show late.

Just a bug in the client because I guess they didn't expect anyone to use negative padding.

Please screenshot the issue on appletv

Now that you've explained it I see the same thing on my iPhone.
Setup a pass on the DVR to start 5 minutes late and end 15 minutes early.
The iPhone displays it as start 5 minutes early, end 25 minutes late.

Here you go, this show is set for -120 seconds padding in the schedule web page and one hour later stop time, so both of these numbers are wrong. It should say start 2 minutes late and end 60 minutes late instead of the screenshot above.

This is the latest testflight beta by the way.

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