Where are all my non-local channels in the guide?

Just signed up as I’m trying to find a DVR app for Windows10 when I’m not in Win7 using WMC.

I have a HDHR Prime with CableCARD and two HDHR Duals. Channels seems to see all three devices and all 7 tuners. It even sees all the channels on each of the devices, but the guide only shows local channels combined from the Duals and the Prime. There is no guide data for ANY non-local channels (all but Premium flagged copy free by the cable company).

How can I get all channels to show up in the guide?


It sounds like you didn’t configure your PRIME with the correct guide data. Click the trash icon underneath and re-enter your location (zipcode) and pick your cable provider.

Can you use the zip code with cable provider without tuner?

Not understanding. Do you want to use Channels without a Hdhomerun?