Where is Channels getting its metadata?

I'm importing a local backup of the TV show Recess (1997) for a virtual channel and instead of showing 6 seasons, it thinks there are only 3 seasons. Same number of episodes though.

Because of this, I manually entered all the meta data by hand only to find out that i have re-encode the video container as the firestick cant play AVI.

I'm not looking forward to spending hours manually entering 100+ episodes and would rather submit a bug report for where-ever channels is getting its metadata or just reorganize 6 seasons into 3 so that it will a=automatically apply the metadata

The data for TV shows comes from Gracenote. IIRC there are plans to add additional metadata providers (TMDB, TVDB, etc.) but that feature is not yet present. (Imported movies default to TMDB, but can also use Gracenote.)

As to the AVI issue, refer to your other thread for that continued discussion/support.

It's probably getting it from this one.
If you look at the Episode Guide tab, most of them are dumped in Season 0, meaning they don't know the Seasons and Episodes. Not that uncommon.
TheTVDB probably has a better listing Recess - TheTVDB.com

As an example, TMDB lists S04E14 "The Rules"

Looks like in Gracenote's db, it is only available as it originally aired combined with another episode time. EP002328140054 "The Biggest Trouble Ever; The Rules"

@TexasYeti How is that particular episode "The Rules" organized and named in your directory?

Noting the Segments vs. Episodes it appears maybe they aired 2 15 minute segments back-back and called that an episode?

TMDB matching now available: BETA: TMDB metadata for TV episodes

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