BETA: TMDB metadata for TV episodes

With the latest prerelease, you can now switch individual shows to TMDB for episode metadata.

On the web UI, find the Show and click Options > Fix Incorrect Match. Then switch to TheMovieDB and pick the correct match. All the episodes will be updated with metadata from TMDB.

This helps for some shows where the community-maintained season/episode numbering information is more correct on TMDB compared to Gracenote.



You guys rock!

Awesome. Great job.

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Nice! :+1:

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Thank you so much!

Gracenote and Pokémon did not get along. Was slowly going through editing all the episodes of 25 seasons, so this saved me heaps of time!

Can now delete Plex for good!:slight_smile:


Thanks for adding this!

Is there any way to fix incorrect match at the episode level once a show is matched using TMDB?

I tested by importing a single episode of NOVA and it matched the show correctly, but the episode data is wrong and I can't find a way to fix match for the episode now.

Filename is NOVA (1974) - S37E05 - Extreme Cave Diving (2010-02-09 2000 Tue KVIEDT).mpg
It imported as NOVA - S37E05 - Becoming Human: Birth of Humanity

Also, when I click on the show name to view the show
I see this error
No recordings found for show.

There isn't any episode level fix. It doesn't seem like tmdb lets you search by episode title, only number. So it uses the S0XE0X info only.

What's the correct numbering on tmdb site for that episode?

Ahh, It's listed as S37E13 at TMDB.

zap2it lists it as S37E05, which makes sense since it was recorded by a TiVo on its OAD back when TiVo was using gracenote EPG.

Guess I would have to mass rename all my NOVA episodes to match TMDB.

This is working great for most of my shows so far.

However, I cannot get it to seperate Batman: The Animated Series and The New Batman Adventures no matter what I've tried. I have let Channels scan the folder for The New Batman Adventures without have the other series in the TV Series folder (I removed it for testing). It will scan The New Batman Adventures and name the episodes and seasons correctly but insists on putting it in as Batman: The Animated Series. I refreshed the metadata and that didn't change anything. I manually changed the metadata for the show (didn't need to for the episodes as they are all listed correctly).

I then re-added Batman: The Animated Series and it puts it again under the other series.

These two series are seperated correctly on TMDB. I can't figure out why I can't change it at Series level.

Any ideas?


This is great! TMDB includes ratings for the content it lists. It would be wonderful to have those ratings listed as we look for content in the guide, search, etc.

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This is an awesome update! Any way to default to this for Local Content and for an automatic lookup for all shows that are already matched with Gracenote?

That might not be a good idea at this point since matches don't use Episode Title, just S#E#

Everything I have has correct S#E# for TMDB :stuck_out_tongue:

Lucky you!
Looks like I'll be relying on tinyMediaManager to do the file renaming. (Their FREE version uses TMDB scraping)
What do you use?

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I've been using Filebot for years (even before Channels), first when it was free then when it was paid. I've just found scripting my renames with it has been fantastic. There's many other solutions out there, it's just finding the one that's for you, your OS, and your renaming strategy.

Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but I can't find this option. I'm on the latest pre-release. Exactly where is it at?

DVR web admin UI
Library > TV Shows and pick an imported show
Manage > More Options > Fix Incorrect Match
There you can select Gracenote or TheMovieDB for match searching

Amazing thank you guys! It does a great job matching episodes so far. Doesn’t seem to fully match a show’s title or update the artwork, but that may still be to come in future updates. This is huge!