Which app and what is the pricing?

I just got an HDHomeRun and wanted to try channels. I have the scribe version but payback isnt great. Two app show up in my App Store go my Apple tv4k. One is free and one is $25. What is the difference? Which should I be getting? Is it the same app if I want to just use as a tuner vs paying for a dvr subscription?

My understanding is the free one is if you pay for the DVR Subscription. The $25 one is if you just want to use it with your HDHomerun and not have the DVR subscription.

I’m not loving the native HDHomeRun app. It starts to go out of sync and stutters. So I was hoping maybe it would be better with the channels app.

The native app sucks for me because it doesn't have a grid. As far as your performance issues, are those problems on ATSC 3.0 stations by chance? If so that's par for the course at this point.

I don’t think they are. Plus, those sections start to play fine I rewind. So I think it’s the HDHomeRun software. The channels app works much better. Testing I out right now using my Mac as the dvr.

Also there will be no tve, custom, or virtual channels