Which source for a channel in Guide

Is there a way to see which provider/source for each channel when in the Guide? I know I can go to the Settings and see which channels a source provides, but I would like to know when I am scrolling through the guide if possible.

My guide shows channel numbers under each channel logo. You should know from the channel number which source is being used.

Thank you, mine shows the channel, and yes I know I can find the source and keep track. I am asking if there is any way to make it visible. Just wondering if there is a setting I missed that I can turn on. Thanks again.

There is not. As suggested, you can use the channel number to know this.

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There are adjustments you can make in settings to specify what channel numbers are used. On my system,
2-70 = HD Homerun/Antenna
200-500 VLC Bridge Fubo
6000-6999 TVE via Fubo
9000-9999 Pluto

It makes it very easy to know the source.