Whither Button Detector

Well I guess I messed up. I had the button detector on Channels Beta pretty much working with an Nvidia Shield, Harmony IR Remote and Flirc, except some wires were crossed. ie. "Live" button maybe brought up guide. Guide did nothing. I was switching around the color to button mapping in "channels settings" trying to get things mapped. At some point I decided I should uninstall the Beta, reboot and reinstall to get back to default settings. After reinstalling I only have the option to enable button mapper on Channels but no beta version. Would this thread be the reason?
I also have a Tivo Stream 4K with the Tivo Bluetooth remote and it works perfect.

Maybe related to a problem I had....

Hmmmm. I think I've seen a similar problem that gets triggered sometimes when I hit the Exit (Home) button while a video is playing in Channels. It goes to the home-screen but button presses register as multiple presses for a while.

Available again our beta builds:


Does that mean there will be two concurrent versions of Android Beta available at any time? The one that updates through Playstore and the one that is installed/updated manually?

That's how it's been for a while

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The problem with the Play Store beta track is that it replaces the stable version; Play Store will only let you have either the release or the beta, but not both. The have both versions, you must manually install the beta from the release version.

Not a problem for me; that is exactly what I want. Just confirming that it is continuing, which based on @tmm1's response, it is.


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@tmm1 If I install the Channels client update that became available this morning will Button Detector still be there? (NVIDIA Shield w/ new OS update.)

If you install the beta build published outside the Play Store, then yes.

I've never installed a beta. There is a new stable release on the Play Store.

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The button detector is not allowed by the Play Store anymore.

You can click Settings > Support > Install Beta in the app. That's the only way to use it.

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Thank you. Not the answer I was hoping for, but the clarification I needed.

is there a trick to getting "windows computer" > "guide" to work? i just got a second CCGTV for downstairs, and i'm trying to set up the harmony just as it works upstairs...on my upstairs CCGTV and harmony hub, i press guide and it sends windows computer > guide, which brings up the guide, no matter where i am in the chromecast. downstairs, so far, it does absolutely nothing other than lock up the harmony remote for 30-45 seconds...

edit: seems the problem is that if i try to send anything from the windows computer, it completely disconnects the harmony remote from the CCGTV. this is very strange, and not at all what happens when i use the same remote and the same android device upstairs.

edit 2: yeah, this makes no sense to me. i have this set up exactly the way i have it set up upstairs. same exact remote and android tv device...upstairs works perfectly. downstairs doesn't work at all.

I’m assuming you are using 2 hubs 2 different remotes, but both are same model? Correct? I do know that you have to use the mobil phone app to pair the windows to the cc not the pc software. Is that how you did it?

correct. i have a harmony hub and ccgtv both upstairs and downstairs now (one of each in each room). i've set it all up in my phone and from what i can see, it's set up the same way in both spots...upstairs works, downstairs does not.

edit: i think i got it. i deleted all devices and activities, and had to create a new activity but had to do it as type "watch a movie" rather than "watch pc"

This option doesnt appear to be there anymore? How can I get a hold non play store beta so i can use this feature?

Did some reconfiguring & have to reinstall the channels app on my 4k stream.

From the Pre-Release detail thread:



Thank you!