Whither Button Detector

Just noticed this post:

Does this mean button detector is going away for Android TV? It is a crucial WAF component.

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We had to do this to be allowed back on the Play Store.

Are you using the detector on TS4K, or a different device?

Nvidia Shield Pro.

Why/how are you using the detector and with which remote?

Harmony Elite. I have it mapped so the DVR and Guide buttons go directly to Up Next and Guide, respectively, from the Shield home screen.

I am using TS4K is there a adb command we might be able to use to re-enable this? This was one of the best features using a TS4K remote.

I was concerned about this, but it appears to be a whole lot of nothing. All of the buttons still work within the app, it is just outside that is an issue. On my TS4K+ I just used Button Mapper to to make the DVR button open the Channels app instead of the default action. On my Harmony Companion for CCWGTV I was already doing this, so no change there. Same thing as on another CCWGTV using the default remote where I already used Button Mapper to make the Home key open the Channels App.

The only thing that does not work is outside the app clicking the Guide or any of the colored buttons to do a Channels app action. But like I said, with the DVR/Home/Exit buttons mapped to open the Channels app, once inside they all work as expected. Really a nothing burger.

Outside the app is precisely my concern. Just because you are happy without that feature doesn't mean that @skew and I are happy.

Didn't say I was "happy" about losing a feature; please do not put words in my mouth. All I stated was that it's not as bad as I feared and there is an acceptable workaround for the time being. The Devs are at the mercy of Google's whim on this one, so I cannot be angry about it--just had to find a way to work with it and wanted to share the experience.

I wonder why Google is OK with Button Mapper, but doesn't like Fancy Bits' solution.

Well I guess I messed up. I had the button detector on Channels Beta pretty much working with an Nvidia Shield, Harmony IR Remote and Flirc, except some wires were crossed. ie. "Live" button maybe brought up guide. Guide did nothing. I was switching around the color to button mapping in "channels settings" trying to get things mapped. At some point I decided I should uninstall the Beta, reboot and reinstall to get back to default settings. After reinstalling I only have the option to enable button mapper on Channels but no beta version. Would this thread be the reason?
I also have a Tivo Stream 4K with the Tivo Bluetooth remote and it works perfect.

Maybe related to a problem I had....

Hmmmm. I think I've seen a similar problem that gets triggered sometimes when I hit the Exit (Home) button while a video is playing in Channels. It goes to the home-screen but button presses register as multiple presses for a while.

Available again our beta builds:


Does that mean there will be two concurrent versions of Android Beta available at any time? The one that updates through Playstore and the one that is installed/updated manually?

That's how it's been for a while

The problem with the Play Store beta track is that it replaces the stable version; Play Store will only let you have either the release or the beta, but not both. The have both versions, you must manually install the beta from the release version.

Not a problem for me; that is exactly what I want. Just confirming that it is continuing, which based on @tmm1's response, it is.


@tmm1 If I install the Channels client update that became available this morning will Button Detector still be there? (NVIDIA Shield w/ new OS update.)