Whither Button Detector

If you install the beta build published outside the Play Store, then yes.

I've never installed a beta. There is a new stable release on the Play Store.

The button detector is not allowed by the Play Store anymore.

You can click Settings > Support > Install Beta in the app. That's the only way to use it.

Thank you. Not the answer I was hoping for, but the clarification I needed.

is there a trick to getting "windows computer" > "guide" to work? i just got a second CCGTV for downstairs, and i'm trying to set up the harmony just as it works upstairs...on my upstairs CCGTV and harmony hub, i press guide and it sends windows computer > guide, which brings up the guide, no matter where i am in the chromecast. downstairs, so far, it does absolutely nothing other than lock up the harmony remote for 30-45 seconds...

edit: seems the problem is that if i try to send anything from the windows computer, it completely disconnects the harmony remote from the CCGTV. this is very strange, and not at all what happens when i use the same remote and the same android device upstairs.

edit 2: yeah, this makes no sense to me. i have this set up exactly the way i have it set up upstairs. same exact remote and android tv device...upstairs works perfectly. downstairs doesn't work at all.

Iā€™m assuming you are using 2 hubs 2 different remotes, but both are same model? Correct? I do know that you have to use the mobil phone app to pair the windows to the cc not the pc software. Is that how you did it?

correct. i have a harmony hub and ccgtv both upstairs and downstairs now (one of each in each room). i've set it all up in my phone and from what i can see, it's set up the same way in both spots...upstairs works, downstairs does not.

edit: i think i got it. i deleted all devices and activities, and had to create a new activity but had to do it as type "watch a movie" rather than "watch pc"