Why is there Recordings and Library sections?

I just don't get why there is a recordings and a library. Maybe if you have your own downloaded content it makes sense, but otherwise having two adjoining sections showing the same content in different formats is just confusing.

The recording version looks soooooo much nicer than the library section. Especially when the library section is broken up into two identical looking categories.

Instead of having recordings be a linear representation of each and every single recording, why can't it be just one box for each show. Then you click on it and it could be user sorted showing oldest or newest episode first, depending on their preference. Would be more organized that way.

And can we hide the library menu option? Too many repetitive options.

And I'm going to be a broken record, but enough with the purple. Thank God you made the background so dark it's near deep navy/black, but you insist on light purple lettering that's annoying to read, yet you use white text inside text boxes. For as brilliant as you guys are technically, you make the most annoying design choices and are so stubbornly loyal to this color scheme to the point you shut down anyone that complains about it. I truly don't get it. I do hope the competition gets better so I have better gui options or it forces you guys to open your eyes and get over some childhood Barney/Grimace love.

Sorry for the rant but some things are just truly baffling to me, and this is one of them.

See https://getchannels.com/docs/apps/usage/customize-sidebar/

The Recordings page is simply a linear list of all recordings, sorted newest first. There is no organization or filtering. There is no sorting based upon program/series, and no differentiation between series and movies.

The Library is Channels organized section. Programs/series are separated from movies. Movies can be viewed by release date, recording date, title, or genre. Programs can be viewed title, air date, or recording date.

If you don't like one of the ways Channels presents recordings, don't use it. I personally have a use for both sections, depending upon need. If you don't, then ignore the one you don't use.

(And while I may not care for the purple theme either, it's not going away. The Channels app has adopted this scheme for its branding, and it would be a bit foolish for it to be abandoned now. My only concern with the interface is not necessarily the color, but the contrast and lack of weight to the typefaces in certain views.)

That's the problem.... Ugly purple aside, they don't have a clue how to even use it properly... Shaded purple type against a purple background isn't proper in any graphic design environment for maximum readability. Just causes more eye strain and annoyances. But the complaints just get lumped in with the purple hate and they don't want to hear any of it.

If I didn't spend so many years in print and graphic design maybe I wouldn't care. But because I did, it just annoys the F out of me. Their contempt for the dislike of it just compounds it.

And I can ignore the one. It's just either I'd ideal. The linear is too linear compihded by the removal of user ability to change the order. I'll say it looks much cleaner than the library view. But in general it's too much graphics and not enough information on screen at once.

And I realize this is apple beta. Searching didn't really differentiate forums. But I suppose this is the same as Android tv since their making them the same.

I find both organizations useful, but not sure they need to be in completely separate sections. Perhaps there is a way to blend them all under the Library. Its not a major issue for me since I can get to either.

Regarding the purple, I don't get why having purple as a brand color means you need to make everything purple. YouTube has red as a brand color, but they don't make the entire guide red. When watching TV, the room is often dark, and so a dark guide (ex. black, or dang near black) is very appealing. Maybe a suitable compromise would be to have purple highlights but the majority of the guide could be black. I also don't get why its not possible to have a couple of different color schemes for night, day, etc. You could have a VERY purple default for branding, but offer some more subtle purple treatments that still provide the brand effect but also suits a totally dark room better. There is an opportunity for a win-win here.

I totally dig the purple, man. Seriously. I like it. It's been my favorite color for a very long time.

So you're the one that actually likes it.

And deep purple looks almost navy/black with white text would look clean and modern. Darker shades as borders and accents. This is the problem with developers thinking their graphic/web designers. Just like why many engineers don't interact with customers. It's not necessarily their forte. Just more annoying they don't take a poll or let it open up to the users that actually pay for the service. Instead they just shut down every thread that brings up negativity towards the purple. :roll_eyes:

Here's to wishing you would just shut it down. Features and capabilities of the product are more important. A team of three focused on the whims of a few users makes no sense especially when it's about the color in the app. Form over function is always a mistake.

Is it a few? It seems it pops up from time to time from different people. Multiple people respond and dedicated threads get shut down. So is it a few or do they just squelch it before more can chime in and it becomes more of a thing? And I have simple apps that let me choose color combos. It's not difficult and doesn't test the dev's technical prowess.

Heh. Yeah man, it's far out. Reminds me of when I wanted to be a hippie.

People who are happy seldom post on internet forums though. (Why am I here...?)