Wide-screen view fubared

I'm trying to watch the Women's College World Series on ESPN U. on my android phone. When it's in portrait mode the picture is ok, I turn the phone to landscape and its super stretched with bars at top and bottom. Other channels don't have this problem. Am I missing something?

Yup, settings >> playback >> advanced >> Stretch Video to Fit set to OFF or ON, whichever applies.

Then why are the rest of my channels ok?

Likely because their resolution is different.

EVERY other channel? I changed the settings and now the app locks.

If it’s completely freezing maybe force kill it, then re-launch and submit diagnostics immediately. Perhaps the issue will be in the logs so the Devs can check it out.

Can you record for 30s and then email the recording to support

It does. It won't lock until I try to go back to the Guide. Then I do kill it and it's fine till I change channels. Very confusing.

Record the video?

The channel that's causing the issue. Record it from your dvr, wait 30s, stop the recording. See if the recording has the same problem, then email to us so we can try it on our phones.

I've been playing with this a lot more. Here is what is still happening:
If I watch X channel and try to go back to the guide, the app locks.
If I try to directly change channels without going back to the guide, the app locks.
If I go from the app to do anything else on my phone such as email or SMS, the app locks.

All of this is on my Note 10. After I kill off the app I can proceed like normal as long as I want to just watch the one channel I pick. Anything else locks the app.
I have the app set to work in background.
I've tried closing every other open app. It makes no difference.
All and all this is not that big a deal as I only use the phone to watch something if I also want to watch another show at the same time, such as two baseball games, one on TV the other on my phone.
It does not matter which channel I am watching, the second I do something else, the app locks. It doesn't lock if just my screen times out. I can wake the screen back up and continue watching.
What's my next move?