Will not stay at last sorted, always reverts to Recents

When I make a selection for a TV Show or a Movie and select any order (Alphabetical, Favorite, Etc...), after making any other selection or deleting a program or any number of actions, the order always reverts to "Recent", but doesn't go to the "Recent" selection. IE, it will say "Alphabetical" but be the "Recent" order:

(If this GIF didn't work, here's a link to the original video: https://photos.app.goo.gl/t6WmWL64oTYrBDXw9)

This is the same on CCWGTV and TS4K+, both on the latest version of the Channels App. Actually, it has gotten worse since the latest update, which is why I was able to replicate it so easily to make this video.

I have the same issue. It drives me crazy trying to find a show because I also have PlayOn integration and have recorded a couple of dozen series using that. It's not like I can see where the show I was aiming for went. It is usually on a different screen. Is PlayOn part of the problem?

I don't have any PlanOn, just recordings, local files, and Stream Links. The problem seems much worse on the CCWGTV than with the TS4K+, but it still happens frequently. I don't know if the size of the lists makes any impact, because I will freely admit to having a ridiculously huge selection (even with half of it cutoff to deal with the metadata timeout issue).

Its an Andriod-specific issue, possibly TS4K specific, since the sorting is consistent and works great on all of my 5 AppleTVs.

Yes this is a bug on Android. The code for that view is a mess and we plan to redo it soon to fix a bunch of problems.

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Thank you for letting us know. Happy to start beta testing once you get there.

A fix for this is available in beta apk v5.21.0007

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I did some limited testing on TS4K+ and TV and Movies seems to stay put where you leave it. So far so good!

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So far so good here with the re-sorting. It stays alphabetical when asked.

I have just noticed, since updating, that at the beginning of playing a show or after skipping commercials that it now takes a moment for playback to smooth out. Until it catches up, video stutters but audio is fine.

I haven't tried a reboot or cache clean since updating to the latest beta. Will update if that makes a difference or not.

EDIT: Reboot didn't fix it, but clearing the cache on the app and then force stopping and restarting the app twice did (the first time it didn't see it needed to rebuild the cache so none of the shows had episodes which was exciting). No more stutter!

The full update of the Android TV App has fixed this as far as I can tell. Looking good!