Will WD My Cloud Home go away?

I just stood up one of these gadgets, and the pop-ups from WD told me some things are going away "early in 2022". One of those things is Channels DVR. What's the scoop on that? Will Channels stop supporting that platform, WD stop supporting Channels, or both, or something else?

WD is ending support for many apps including Channels DVR in the next couple of months, as part of a mandatory OS update.

We are in communication with WD trying to get a more definitive timeline, and will be emailing all affected customers in the coming weeks.

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Thanks for the info. Does that mean it's just a question of when support will end, rather than if?

Correct. They have informed us that support is ending and we have no choice in the matter in the moment.

It's possible that we may get access to a new SDK later this year and will be able to bring the app back. But that is not guaranteed and Channels DVR will not work on that device as soon as WD publishes their OS update.

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