IMPORTANT: Western Digital MyCloud Home Owners

Western Digital has scheduled a mandatory firmware upgrade for their MyCloud Home network attached storage devices. Here’s what you need to know if you are running Channels DVR Server on this device.


What is happening?

If you're an owner of a Western Digital MyCloud Home, you have probably already heard from them regarding their planned upgrade of the device. In April 2022, Western Digital plans to migrate the underlying operating system that powers MyCloud Home devices from Android to Linux.

This is planned to be a forced update with no way to opt out and there will be no app platform in place when the migration happens.

What does this mean?

After the migration, your installation of Channels DVR Server will no longer run. You won't lose any data or files, but your server will be unavailable and there will be no way to get it running again on your device.

What do I need to do?

Unfortunately, you will need to migrate your Channels DVR Server to another platform. Ideally, to make things easier on yourself, you should do this before the device update happens.

Fortunately, Channels DVR Server runs on a LOT of hardware platforms and migrating your recordings and data is simple.

What hardware is comparable?

One of the most popular, and most stable, devices amongst Channels fans is the Synology 220+. The Synology DSM system is really fun and easy to use too.

If you're looking for a cheap, small, and simple device to keep running Channels DVR Server, the Raspberry Pi can't be beat. Our custom Raspberry Pi image will have you up and running in minutes.

Or, just find an old computer someone isn't using, plug it into your router, and install Channels DVR Server on it. You would have to go REALLY far back to find almost any Mac or PC that doesn't have enough power to run it.

Visit the Channels DVR Server page on our website to learn about the many hardware platforms available.

How do I migrate my recordings and passes?

Moving your data is easy. You can learn exactly how to do it with our documentation.


Please use this topic to ask questions and help others during this transition.

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I know this is a crappy situation, but the foundation was shaky to begin with.

What is insane is using Android as the foundation of a NAS.

There is nothing stopping your from repurposing those drives into another NAS.

If anything, the switch from Android to a (possibly) more open Linux/GNU ecosystem is the complete opposite.

(Edit: the post I was replying to was deleted while I was typing my reply. However, I feel the content of my post is relevant, and therefore will not delete my response.)

I actually deleted my post because I had JUST realized this was specific to the My Cloud "HOME" Line...a rather important distinction that I had missed. I still stand by the comments you quoted though...because it's pretty nuts all around that they'd still do this to customers. I don't have the My Cloud Home line, rather, the PR4100 which remains unaffected by their decision to discontinue Channels support.

Yes, WD really does seem to have a hard line between their consumer/professional lines. As you note, the "Home" line of NAS was more of a general purpose cheap network/wifi hard drive, not what most would consider a true NAS.

This is horribly reminiscent of their Red SMR/CMR debacle that led to the creation of their Red Plus line of NAS drives, because they started cutting corners.

(This is also why I no longer purchase WD drives; trust and corporate policy matters, and my wallet follows my conscience.)


Continuing the discussion from IMPORTANT: Western Digital MyCloud Home Owners:

Not sure I fully understand about the WD Home Mycloud. My Channels server is on Windows 11
HP computer. I do use a WD 6TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive for by dvr recordings. So, I don't think this change will affect my setup.

Am I correct?


Correct you're not using MyCloud Home.

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Yeah, I can see why folks would shy away from WD - not great from a consumer prospective. At least I get to hang onto my PR4100 a bit longer and not worry about a rebuild for now.

I have been using a Synology DS216+ for channels and it has been terrific.
In addition I back up all my devices, store all my photos and Videos and have two security cameras running on their incredible security app.
I upgraded the memory to 8GB and have two 6 TB disks running raid 1 which means a Drive failure will not cause any loss of data.

glad I got rid of my my cloud home in favour of the raspberry pi setup last year, I've never looked back since making the switch.

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Does this include the MyCloud EX2 Ultra?


So, I shouldn't have any problem running Channels then?


So, my WD My Cloud Home device finally got "upgraded". I was in denial
and pretending it wouldn't happen to me. At least I was able to install the regular Channels app. I appreciate that it picked up my broadcast tv preferences while I figure out what to do about a new NAS. Not really the time for me to spend money on new hardware- but at least with summer there is not really anything to record. Sorry, just venting a little and a reminder to check these forums for recommendations.

Thanks for posting! This also got me this month (auto update wiped out my DVR feature). Time to go shopping!

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Glad I upgraded to my Pi last year. I was always very disappointed with my WD My Cloud Home, even though channels was the superior option to plex on the device, I was never happy with the setup, example, I couldn't watch anything that was recording from the beginning, or fast forward through parts without problems. My Pi comfortably plays recorded content on several devices as once.

I have the WD NAS and it was working perfectly....for a while. It continues to back up my Mac laptops and desktops, but it no longer works with Channels as everyone knows.

I need to replace my WD NAS with another that will back up my Apple computers while working with my Channels DVR and don't know what would be the easiest to swap out. Any suggestions?

Full disclosure, I looked all over the forum and was unable to find a list of suggestions. Thank you in advance.