Windows 10 - Auto update and restart


I have a dedicated computer for ChannelsDVR running windows 10. In the last couple of days I have noticed it automatically installs win10 updates and restarts. After restart, it is at the login screen.

This could be an issue if I'm recording a show or have scheduled recordings as they may be missed.
Has anyone else had this issue and if so, do you have a solution?
Thank you.


I believe Channels prevents this from happening as of April 2017. See:


You can configure windows to auto-login after reboot so it doesn't get stuck at the login screen


I set the DVR to run as a service. Mine is never logged in so that it can reboot. I also set the window for updates to be 2am-8am.


how do I setup ChannelsDVR to run as a service?
If I do that, do I need to login to user account or can it just stay at the login screen?



re-run the setup program. its an option. yes once its installed as a service, it will be running under SYSTEM credentials, and it can be left at the logon screen or logged on.