Windows 10 browser not playing channels


I am a new user and I sit at a Win 10 laptop a lot and would like to watch TV.
I can't get the web interface to display channels or recordings. I tried fire fox, edge, and chrome. Is there an app or am I not setting it up properly?



I looked in the log and every time it tries to play a channel it shows This is not my server address or my HDHomeRun Connect address.


What does it show underneath the player?


Transcoder starting.


Try changing the transcoder setting to Software


It is set to Software, No other option.

Deinterlacer is Blend or Linear (set to Blend) Tried it both ways.


What are the messages in the log


2019/01/07 15:40:18 [TNR] Opened connection to 10426ACF for ch8.1
2019/01/07 15:40:18 [HLS] Starting transcoder for channel 8.1 from (encoder=libx264, resolution=720, deinterlacer=blend, bitrate=6000)
2019/01/07 15:40:40 [WRN] Buffer for 10426ACF ch8.1 is more than 50% full (clients=1, len=16777684)
2019/01/07 15:40:50 [WRN] Buffer for 10426ACF ch8.1 is more than 75% full (clients=1, len=25166024)
2019/01/07 15:40:56 [WRN] Buffer for 10426ACF ch8.1 is more than 95% full (clients=1, len=31877468)
2019/01/07 15:40:57 [WRN] Buffer for 10426ACF ch8.1 is more than 99% full (clients=1, len=33219788)
2019/01/07 16:07:34 [HLS] Stopping transcoder session ch8.1-dANY-ip192.168.1.131 @ 0s
2019/01/07 16:07:34 [TNR] Closed connection to 10426ACF for ch8.1


Can you copy/paste the OS/CPU section at the top of the DVR settings page



Netgear ReadyNAS 104
linux debian
8.11 (kernel: 4.4.140.armada.1)


1 cores / ARMv7 Processor rev 1 (v7l)

load averages: 1.46 1.41 1.15


496.99 MB
10.7% free


I had a smaller Synology box with 256MB I tried first and the messages were the same.


The cpu on that NAS is not capable of transcoding, which is required for viewing in a browser. You need a powerful Intel cpu for web based and remote viewing to work.


That's a shame. It can play on a small phone or table but not on a powerful PC.

Are they working in an app for Windows?


Browsers can not play the video format that comes straight off of the HDHomeRun. The Channels apps can because we have a custom video player rendering the video.

Because of this, the video has to be transcoded to a format that browsers CAN play.


Are they working on an app for windows?


We are not currently working on a native windows app, sorry. There are only two of us and only so many apps we can build at the same time.