Windows 10 Norton Firewall Issue

After trying to deal with my older Mac and Channels DVR/HD Homerun, I've decided to record my shows on my newer Windows PC. I easily got HD Homerun up and running, but as soon as I tried to reach Channels DVR I was reminded why I chose the Mac as I was unable to successfully reach Channels DVR the first time I tried. This time, I have to make it work, or throw out my antenna and HD Homerun.

I started here since I have Norton:

How to open a port on Norton Security? or How to add a traffic rule?

Bring up Norton Security
Click "Settings" (2nd icon on top right menu)
Place cursor over the word "Firewall" and click.
Tab to >> Traffic Rules
Click Add
Accept default: "Allow connections that match this rule."
Select "type of connection" default is to and from other computers.
Select "Any computer" or "Any computer in the local subnet".
Select protocol: generally "tcp and udp" or "tcp" are common.
KEY: click radio button "The rule will apply only if it matches all of the ports listed below:" The add button will become available. Click "Add".
Specify Ports: Click radio button "Individually specified ports", enter port number.
Click "Ok"
Click "Next"
Accept default: "If Explicitly requested"
Provide a name for the rule.
Click finish.

I chose 8089 as the Port using UDP. It did not work. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


That should be TCP for 8089

The UDP rule should be for 5353

Ok I did both of those and deleted my old one. Still not working. Do I have to deal with a URL? If so, I will try and find similar Norton directions.

From a phone or your Mac are you able to connect to http://x.x.x.x:8089 using the IP of your PC?

I also tried going to Norton Security, Settings, Firewall, and I turned off Smart Firewall and still can't reach Channels DVR. So I am going to need some direction here when convenient.

Using my public I.P. address, no, I could not reach it.

Not your public IP, the LAN IP of your PC

I can't reach 8089 using the LAN IP from my phone or Mac.

I spent an hour "chatting" with Norton yesterday. First he turned off the Firewall altogether (as I had done) and no dice. Then he checked that I had added the UDP and TCP rules correctly. I had. He did all this and many other things remotely (took over my PC) to no avail. I thanked him and stopped the chat after an hour, my limit.

Ok - I'm going to have to choose between Channels DVR and Norton to run Channels on the PC.

Next I will try and record from Plex (which is never as elegant or reliable as other recording options for me but I use Plex for all my media so it would be 1-stop if I can live with it), then HD Homerun DVR by paying $35 a year again. If either of those work, I'll go with that.

I'm not sure why Dropbox, HD Homerun, Plex and 20 other programs successfully set up traffic rules without my help in Norton and have never given me issues, but Channel requires me to get into weeds I clearly lack the interest level and skills to do so. So I may have to reluctantly drop Channels. As Jared Newman writes often, no other OTA recording app is as easy to use and as elegant.