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I currently have a Pi 4 DVR setup with the image install of Channels, I am having issues with YTTV being added as a server, I currently have my main PC with a 2060, 32gb of ram and Ryzen 7. I would like to just move to my PC but I have concerns that leaving it on 24/7 would cause hardware issues. Does anyone else have a similar setup that can point me to the right direction of using my main pc. I just want YTTV to work again. Thank you!

This whole planet, for the past 40 + years and for the next millennia, runs on pcs that run 24/7/365. Your computer will be fine.


I'm going to do it, is there any benefits from having a Windows 11 server over the Pi?

Its less about the OS and more about the horsepower. I will get blasted for this but IMHO the Pi is an underpowered toy. Almost as bad as the shield.


I call Pi's Tinker Toys.

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Dont get me wrong, i have 2 pi's. One to control my pool equipment and then other to control my whole home generator. The main reason I use them is for the form factor as I cant have a bigger footprint. They have their place, just not for a dvr (in my opinion).

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Would a docker install on my PC be best pr just use the regular install for Windows on the getchannels website?

Docker for windows is terrible ... just Install on Windows.

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One last question before I switch over, is there any Windows settings that I need to change to have the server running at all times?

Why do you keep asking and afraid to install it? This dvr is a small executable file that just runs. It’s not launching missles over the Atlantic.

Forgive me, if you are afraid to leave a pc on, why would you even mention docker? Do you know how to use docker?

This program just records wheel of fortune.

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Read the manual.

Agree. If you want docker contianers for other stuff like eplus or mlb etc, get yourself one of those cheap mini pcs. Load linux as the OS and then install docker. Im using an 8yr old small form factor machine for docker. It will handle anything i throw at it. I tried docker for windows one time and it was pittiful.


1.Set power settings to maximum ...
2. Install Channels DVR as a Service.
3. Set the Service to run as USER.
4. Turn off Sleep Mode.

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I just switched over and it’s running flawlessly remotely on my iPhone.

There’s no need to set your power profile to maximum that sets the CPU clock to its highest setting all the time. Set to balanced and let the system clock up and down as needed. No need to waste so much power and generate more heat all the time. I run my channels DVR on a Intel 12thgen system. With Win 11 just fine. Along with Plex ans a bunch of other things.

Used the Pi4b 2x of them overclocked to 2ghz since 2019 with Channels image on usb 3 ssd and they were flawless. They are just fine for single or few users who do not remote stream.

YTTV always been a bugger….i never could get it to work with Channels. The steps listed dead ended for me with the link on yt end to make a special account or whatever did nothing. Never got resolution and never revisited it cause yttv cost way to much. I went with Philo and its perfect.

This Win 11 setup is working flawlessly thank you so much for all of y'all inputs on this!!!!