Windows hardware encoder - GPU usage

When viewing recordings in a web browser and have Hardware as Transcoder option checked should the Channels DVR use GPU while watching a recording? When I view OTA or TVE recordings in Chrome my CPU spikes. I thought the GPU is used when viewing in Web Browser.

Yes the GPU is used for video encoding, but the CPU is still used to parse and decode the stream/audio/subtitles/etc.

I don't see the GPU used at all.

Is that from the computer running the DVR server? Or the computer viewing the streams?

Remember this is client/server, so the encoding load is on the server, not the client.

Video is running in Chrome on the same computer as the Channels DVR server.

We use Intel QuickSync via the Microsoft MediaFoundation API. Maybe that's counted as CPU usage since it's part of the Intel CPU.

Any transcoding I do with QuickSync shows GPU usage as decoding or encoding. This appeared to work before as i was testing to compare to Plex. I came back to Channels since the TVE implementation. This isn't a big issue for me as I don't watch many video's in a web browser. But it seemed to work before.

I can say when I'm watching Video's in a web browser using Plex the GPU shows active. I'm not running Plex as a service but I've read if it is the GPU transcoding doesn't work. Would this be the same since Channel DVR is running as a service?

Yes the same rules apply since we utilize the same transcoding library.

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I just put a NUC together and seeing the same thing FFMPEG does not use GPU when watching on the Server through Chrome... or EDGE. Forcing a transcode on client still not using GPU.

Everything is working now .. I used the Intel Driver Update assistant got a new driver for the NUC Graphics ... hardware Transcoding is working.

Can you try again with the latest build? Update by click-and-hold the Check For Update button.

The latest release fixed the transcoder issue. Thank you for the quick fix.