With Tuner Sharing enabled, will Channels DVR clients work even if they can't see the HDHomeRun?


Let's say that I decide to connect my HDHomeRun directly to a USB Ethernet adapter on my DVR server. It would not have any Internet access (so http://ipv4-api.hdhomerun.com/discover wouldn't be able to see it), and it would not be visible to devices on my LAN.

As long as I use Tuner Sharing, would the Apple TV Channels app and other Channels apps still work correctly? If I have a DVR and use Tuner Sharing, do they still rely on the HDHR being visible on ipv4-api.hdhomerun.com or over the LAN? And does the DVR server itself rely on ipv4-api.hdhomerun.com?

(My rationale: Given how many capabilities the HDHomeRun exposes over HTTP with Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *, I'd like to try to isolate it from nefarious web pages that may try to mess with it or use it for fingerprinting. But I don't want to spend the effort if this is known to not work.)


I think you should be good to go. I used to do something similar with my Primes using self-assigned link local addresses on the tuners because of DHCP problems. (This was back when SD refused to acknowledge there was a problem with the tuners' ethernet firmware.) Although I was using Tvheadend at the time, it never seemed to cause any issue with clients. If everything is being eouted through Channels instead of a direct connection, you ought to be safe and in a similar situation.


I believe the HDHR must be visible to the app for it to attempt streaming (with or without tuner sharing). Might work though, not 100% sure.