WNBC 4.1 Not In Guide

Channel shows in list of channels received and it was there in the past. All sub channels are missing but the main NBC 4.1 is missing. The channel does show on the web guide and I can view it there. Just missing on the app.

Do you have a Locast or TVE source with your NBC set to a higher priority on your client than your OTA source?

Most likely the guide information is being combined with a higher prioritized source, and appearing under that channel instead of 4.1.

I can get Philly NBC just fine or at least it shows in the guide so I don't think it is being combined. It's odd that it is just the App that I can't see the guide data or access it.

Actually, setting the source priority in the app did work. Thanks!

It is odd though that the TVE version is removed now. Looks to be a bit of a bug.

Channels DVR combines like channels.