Would someone mind helping me install Pluto? I am not getting channels?

Hi I am trying to get Pluto to work and so confused. I went into Custom Channels and did all this (below) but no channels are showing up.. I have a mac, am I dong something wrong? thanks for help Amy
Add Source: select M3U Playlist
Give it a nickname: e.g. PlutoTV
Leave HLS as default stream
Leave Source as URL
Enter this URL: https://techzyon.com/epg/plutotv.m3u

Once the source is added, click on trash icon.
You should see an option "Pick Guide Provider", click on this button.
Under the dropdown where it shows USA, select Custom URL. Enter this URL:
Click on save.

The PluoTV channels should now show up in the guide.

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The links aren’t loading so that is why it isn’t working.

The easiest way to use Pluto is to run it in a docker container.

Hi thank you so much...what is a Docker container..sorry new

You can download docker here:

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HI..So when I went to download apparently you need a macOS must be version 10.14 or newer and mine is 10.11.6 and I cannot update as it is an older computer as DVR. Do you know is there any way around this? Thanks again for help

HI I am downloading an older version, do you think this will work? this is one I am doing....

Docker Desktop Community




Bug fixes and minor changes

  • Fixed an issue that caused Docker Desktop to crash on MacOS 11.0 (Big Sur) when VirtualBox was also installed. See docker/for-mac#4997.

Well that one required a higher version as well.So going to try a later one

HI can I do it without Docker? Because the other one i downloaded requires a new version as well. Not sure if later versions will even work? Can you please let me know?Thanks

Doing it without the docker is unlikely to be reliable unless you have a very high level of technical skill and know exactly what you are doing, unfortunately.

Makes me wonder if the community could band together to host an instance of the Pluto and Stirr docker in the cloud and make it public to the internet. Maybe that’s a dumb idea. Wouldn’t be free for sure.

You don’t need to run the docker container on the same system as runs your DVR

But it does need to run 24/7...

Just wantedto let you know I was able to get it to work without Docker. We will see how long it lasts. Thank you all for help!!

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Is it still working and how did you get it running without the use of docker?