Wrong audio language (English forced)


Hello, since a few months (sorry i didn't report earlier) the app started to choose the wrong language on channel startup. So, instead of Italian (main language on the channels i'm watching) it always defaults to English. Even if I change it, the preference it's not stored and every time must be re-selected.

We really do love the app but this is really annoying :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for your work!


Here also!

When ever there is an English audio track available, Channels will default to it instead of local language Finnish. Could you make a setting for primary/secondary audio track for AppleTV or just remember the latest setting?



Please click submit diagnostics button. Is your Apple TV set to Finnish/Italian locale?


I just submitted my diagnostic log. Yle TV2 HD has three audio tracks. Finnish, swedish and english. Channels defaults to english after every channel change or restart of app. My AppleTV is set to Finnish as system language.

I also submitted a log for guide data. Discovery Channel is not showing any program data and it has been so from the start when I started using Channels a couple of days ago.



Re: Guide data, does it show the data in the official HDHR app? Can you click the circle icon under your HDHR on the DVR web UI to see if that fixes the issue.


Sorry you're not using the DVR, so this doesn't apply. You will need to check the guide data in HDHR app, and email [email protected] with your HDHR device ID for them to fix it.


In the log it shows your locale as en_FI, which is language=english and country=finland.

But I will fix the app for the next version so this doesn't matter. It will default to the first audio track which is Finnish and not care about the device language outside of USA.


Thanks! I checked that my AppleTV is set Country: Finland, Language: Finnish. Anyway thanks that you will fix this.

I checked the EPG again. Both Channels and HDHR app are displaying the same. I will email Silicondust.



The same for me, italy as country and as audio language (the epg works perfectly but the audio defaults to english when available); unfortunately i'll be away from home for the next few days so i won't be able to send any logs...thanks a lot @tmm1 for the fix!


Iā€™m also having the same issue, exact the same Apple TV settings (Finland / Finnish), so glad to hear it will be fixed.


One more issue with languages.

When I watch a program with english language, the subtitles are off by default. The program contains finnish subtitles as primary subtitles.

Could this be connected to the former problem with autoselecting english language? Just to repeat my AppleTV is set Finland/finnish, but your log somehow was showing Finland/english.



Just in case you'd need some more info, i've submitted yesterday all the logs from Apple TV app in relation to the main issue (wrong language).

Don't know if you need this info, but on ios this problem doesn't seem to occur: if both languages (italian and eng) are available, the main one -italian- is chosen.



Just bought the app and got frustrated having to change language every time. Waiting eagerly for the fix/feature.
Otherwise the app is feeling very good.


Which country are you in?


Any news on this? The problem here in Finland is with YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company) channels. For some reason Channels app will always select English language track when available.


Also waiting for a fix, it's a real pain to keep changing language...


hello @tmm1 can you please at least give us an ETA on the problem resolution?


We are releasing a new build this week with a fix.


A new v3.1.13 update for the Channels app is available on the App Store with a fix for this issue.


Thanks @ttm1! Gonna try it out tomorrow :slight_smile: